Sign up fee

12,000 yen


12,960 yen


8,640 yen ( junior high students and below)


1time 4,000yen / first time 2,000yen
Limited Membership :
1 week 6,000yen , 1 month 20,000yen

We will provide you the member's card after your admission.
Please show your member's card everytime you participate in the lesson.


Application forms Please fill in all the necessary items (please make sure to put hiragana or other necessary characters) and sign and seal on the reverse of the paper.
People under 18 must have parents signature and seal.
[Please print out the PDF files. >>]
Sign up fee 12,000 yen
Monthly fee (first payment is two month) In principle, the payment will be via electronic withdrawal from a bank, credit union, post-office account.
The arrangement of the electronic withdrawal from a bank account takes 2 months until the completion.
We request you to pay 2 month fee (1 month fee + 1 month advance) and sign up fee this is because the electronic withdrawal may not be done on the third month depend on the admission date, in this case, we request you to pay in cash.
No refund: Any sign up fee or monthly fee will not be returned for any reason whatsoever once credited.
Discount: 1 month fee will be deducted from the 1 year subscription fee.
Application for the account transfer (necessary to fill in and seal) Please fill in your account data(bank name, branch name, account number) and seal to necessary areas (seal used in the deposit book),
then submit all 3 forms
Please be sure to fill in without any mistake. We may ask you to rewrite if the seal is unclear.
Seal used in the deposit book
2 facial photos Please submit 2 facial photos (3 cm(H) × 2.5cm(W) ). Black and white or fast photos are also acceptable.
Stamps 2 stamps(\82)
Etc It is required for junior high school and high school students to show student ID for the admission.

Insurance for sports safety

HIDE'S KICK obliges members to take out sports safety insurance in case of injuries.
The premium for the insurance is ¥1,500 , and will be renewed every 3 years.
Insurance policy includes both accident insurance and liability insurance.